How To Trim A Tree

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How To Trim A Tree
How To Trim A Tree

Video: How To Trim A Tree

Video: How To Trim A Tree
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Spruce is an evergreen tree of the pine family with a conical crown. Just like other trees, the spruce must be pruned from time to time, especially since it tolerates it very well - several new branches are usually formed in the place of the sawn-off crown.

How to trim a tree
How to trim a tree

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Step 1

There are two types of spruce pruning - sanitary and decorative. It is recommended to hold them once a year - from late June to mid-July. During this period, the shoots of the tree stop growing, and after pruning, the appearance of new secondary shoots is excluded.

Step 2

During sanitary pruning, all diseased, dry, broken, intertwined and hanging down branches are removed, shoots are removed. Thanks to this, a beautiful, ventilated and evenly transmissive crown is formed.

Step 3

When pruning old branches or dry tops, grab a living piece of wood as well. If the branch is completely dry, cut it off at the very base.

Step 4

When sanitizing a tree, pay attention to the location of the branches. Be sure to cut off small shoots in the crown of the spruce, sticking up at a right or acute angle. Growing up, they can reach the same thickness as a tree, and break in a strong wind, leaving behind an unpleasant chip that spoils the appearance of the tree.

Step 5

Slices made that exceed 1.5 cm in diameter should not be left just like that. Bacteria can enter such a wound and cause various fungal diseases, which can even lead to the complete drying of the entire tree. To prevent this, anoint the cut with coniferous resin, which the spruce gives off.

Step 6

If the top of the spruce breaks, cut the broken branch back to the lower one. And then straighten the latter vertically upwards so that it is a continuation of the trunk, and fasten it to it with a rail.

Step 7

Spruce trimming is an art. Thanks to it, a beautiful crown of the tree is formed. To create the ideal tapered shape, each tier is usually one third shorter than the bottom. Decorative pruning must be combined with sanitary pruning.

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