8 Most Ridiculous Holidays

8 Most Ridiculous Holidays
8 Most Ridiculous Holidays

Video: 8 Most Ridiculous Holidays

Video: 8 Most Ridiculous Holidays
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Do you know about the most ridiculous holidays in the world? Do you know about such holidays as Pi Day, Handwriting Day, Children's Inventions Day, International Day for Ear and Hearing Health, Chicken Festival, Tree Day in Italy, Juliet's Birthday (yes, yes, the same one from the novel), and even birthday cocktail straws! Didn't know about such holidays? And now in more detail.

8 most ridiculous holidays
8 most ridiculous holidays

Pi holiday

This holiday is celebrated on March 14th. The most unusual thing here is that the day of the celebration was not chosen by chance, but corresponds to the first three digits of the number. The first digit is the month (March - 3 in a row), and the next two denote the day (14). The number pi is the ratio of the lengths of the circle and the radius, and is an infinite fraction (3, 141592 …), but it is customary to write only 3 digits (3, 14). This strange holiday appeared in 1988 in San Francisco. On this day, in the circles of scientists, it is customary to celebrate the holiday on a grand scale. Round pies are put on the table, the table itself is also usually round. Fun fact: pi coincides with Albert Einstein's birthday.

Handwriting Day, or Handwriting Day

With the advent of new technologies, people write less and less with their own hands. In this regard, such a holiday appeared. It reminds people that handwriting is unique and unrepeatable for every person. It needs to be practiced. It is interesting that by handwriting you can determine the character of a person, namely, by its width, length, distance between letters, slope, etc. This is very helpful to forensic experts. This unusual holiday was initiated by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association and announced its date - January 23rd. Fun fact: this day coincides with John Hancock's birthday. His handwriting is sweeping and wide.

Children's inventions day

In another way, this day is called the Day of Children's Inventors and it is celebrated on January 17. Why does it have such a name? Yes, because in the world there are a lot of things invented by children, perhaps few people know about this, but this is a fact. For example, the trampoline is an invention of 16-year-old George Nissen, the state flag of Alaska - 13-year-old Benny Benson. There are other famous, but faceless inventions of young geniuses. Ice cream, fingerless gloves, various games, fur headphones - it's all their job. To reveal, encourage and develop the abilities of children, and came up with this wonderful holiday. Interesting fact: the day was chosen symbolically on the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, a great journalist, scientist, and politician.

International Day for Ear and Hearing Health

This international holiday is celebrated on March 3rd. It was created with the aim of raising awareness among citizens of different countries about possible hearing problems and ear diseases. All sorts of events are held, doctors give useful advice or check the health of the population in this area. In some cases, free honey is provided. help. Indeed, now a huge number of people suffer from deafness or incomplete hearing loss. Assistance is also provided to the states that are members of the World Health Organization. Fun fact: More than 175 million people suffer from hearing impairment.

Feast of chickens

Chicken holiday is originally the day of cleaning chicken coops in Russia. It was celebrated on January 15th. It was believed that a seven-year-old dark rooster lays an egg on this day, and then the Basilisk serpent hatches from it. And to protect themselves from this monster, a dark stone called "Chicken God" was hung in the chicken coop and fumigated with resin and elecampane. An interesting fact: this day was considered beneficial for fortune-telling, therefore, they often read on bulbs and spoke from diseases.

Tree Day in Italy

This day began to be celebrated in Italy for a very long time. Date - March 21. Previously, people honored and respected nature, because they were inextricably linked with it. Agriculture, planting trees, shrubs - this is what made it possible for our ancestors to survive. They had a custom - to arrange celebrations during tree planting. It was of great importance to them. The trees were even given names and "importance categories." However, this day became an official holiday only in 1923. Moreover, it is celebrated now on a grand scale. Interesting fact: the first holiday was celebrated in 1898. The same initiative was shown by Guido Bacelli - Minister of Education.

Juliet's birthday in Italy

Another unusual holiday is taking place in the same country. As we all know from school, Juliet is the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It turns out that she was born on September 16. To find out the exact date, many historians had to analyze this work several times. On this day, various events are held in the city of Verona: carnivals, theater performances, festivals, film screenings, etc. The inhabitants of this city are very proud of this unusual holiday and gladly receive guests. By the way, there are still letters addressed to Juliet, calling for help in personal love stories. These letters are answered by the girls from Juliet's club. An interesting fact: having compared a huge number of facts, it was Dr. Giuseppe Viviani who established the exact date of birth of the famous heroine, who at that time was not even 14 years old.

Birthday cocktail straws

This is probably the most absurd holiday ever known. It is celebrated on January 3. The history of this drinking device dates back to the 1880s. And it went through several stages of development. Previously, they drank drinks from natural straws, but this was very inconvenient. And then one day Marvin Stone sat and drank his cocktail from such a tube, but he did not like the fact that its fibers were drawn in and stuck on his teeth. He took the paper, rolled it up and secured it with glue. It was quite comfortable, but it got soaked quickly. Then he caught sight of a postage stamp that did not soak. Since then, he decided to make such pipes. At first, nothing worked out with the sale of his pioneering invention, but on January 3, 1888, he still patented his invention. It was then that this device began to spread. An interesting fact: at first this invention was distributed in hospitals and hospitals, for bedridden patients. They were economical and easy to use, then spread to bars and cafes.

Now in the world there is a huge number of holidays, among which one can find so absurd and funny that it is difficult to understand their meaning. But for every nation they will be honored and respected. They will be that special that distinguishes them, their sublime and symbolic. There were only 8 listed here, but there are many more!