How Is April Fool's Day In Other Countries

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How Is April Fool's Day In Other Countries
How Is April Fool's Day In Other Countries

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Video: How Is April Fool's Day In Other Countries
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April Fools ’rallies are very diverse, and the traditions of celebrating April Fool's Day differ from country to country. But the main condition for all jokes that necessarily take place on April 1 is their harmlessness.

How is April Fool's Day in other countries
How is April Fool's Day in other countries


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England It is customary to prank your friends in this country after the clock strikes 00.00 on April 1 and until 12.00 noon. In case of a successful drawing, everyone around loudly screams “April-fool!”, Which means “April fool”. Traditional April Fools' jokes in England are sewn-in sleeves and empty eggs for breakfast. Also, the British ask their acquaintances "to go there, I don't know where, bring something, I don't know what." For example, get a pound of cat cheese or a lace for your left shoe.

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Scotland Unlike the British, the Scots do not limit themselves to noon on April 1, but continue to play everyone around the next day. And for each day the Scots have their own name - April 1 they call "the day of the cuckoo", and the next - "the day of the tail." And if on the first day the draws are of a traditional nature, then on the second they are all dedicated to the place where the tail could grow, if it were in a human.

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Germany The most common pranks in Germany are “in den April schicken”, that is, asking the other person to fulfill an impossible request, for example, to buy a goat saddle. Literally this expression is translated "to send in April". In the Czech Republic there is the concept of "Poslati koho z Aprilem", which is a literal translation from German, most likely the holiday came to this country from Germany. Those who managed to play the prank were addressed by “Aprilnarr”, deceived on April 1, until the end of the holiday.

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France The main symbol of the holiday of laughter in France is the fish. Those who got caught in the rally are called “swallowing the April Fools' fish”. The following fun is popular among schoolchildren: a plastic or paper fish with a hook must be discreetly attached to the clothes of a passer-by. Of course, it is considered a special skill to fool a police officer or teacher in this way. In addition, the French congratulate each other on this day in postcards, prepare small funny gifts and are very fond of comic messages. Very similar traditions of celebrating April 1 and in Italy.

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USA The tradition of celebrating April 1, the Americans borrowed from the British. The traditional pranks in this country are the translation of watches, exclamations about untied shoelaces and other jokes. Also, Americans love prank calls. Recently, social networks and online communities have become widely used for massive giveaways.

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Australia In general, the April 1 holiday is held here the same as in other English-speaking countries, but the Australians have their own tradition - early in the morning on all channels and on radio stations they put a recording of the voice of the Australian bird kookaburra, very reminiscent of human laughter.