How To Buy A Bride

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How To Buy A Bride
How To Buy A Bride

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Video: How To Buy A Bride
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A wedding is a wonderful family celebration with many traditions. Bride ransom is one of the most fun and memorable moments of the day. Bridesmaids often organize contests and tests for the groom and his guests, not coping with which the future husband is obliged to pay money.

How to buy a bride
How to buy a bride


Step 1

Gather your guests at your home a few hours before the ransom, or arrange to meet them near the bride's house. Consider the time it takes to travel to the bride. Remember that it is not advisable to be late, as you still have a happy marriage registration ceremony, strictly limited in time.

Step 2

Do not forget to bring a bouquet for the bride. The ransom is at the same time your last date, where you act as a young man and a girl, because soon you will become husband and wife.

Step 3

Be prepared for the fact that the entrance to the house where the bride lives will be guarded by her friends. They have prepared contests for you. Sometimes the groom is forced to dance or sing something, sometimes there are more difficult tasks. Feel free to call your friends for help. They will both cheer you up and keep you company.

Step 4

Next, you go to the entrance of the house. Trials await you here as well. As a rule, all buyout contests are dedicated to the bride, and you must thoroughly prepare for them - that is, know literally everything about your future wife. Do not forget to find out in advance about the bride's parents - your future test and mother-in-law. It is important to remember the name and patronymic of each of them, birthdays, their preferences.

Step 5

If you feel like you don’t know the answer to a question or cannot handle the task, pay the ransom. The "cost" of each task is determined by the bridesmaids. Try to haggle a little. Offer your price, start with small denominations. Remember that this money will most likely go not to the budget of the future family, but to the direct organizers of the ransom.

Step 6

As a rule, tasks will be prepared for you on each floor of the house in which the bride lives. In some cases it will be possible to use the elevator, but most likely its doors will be guarded by relatives or friends of the bride. Prepare to shell out a higher amount for using the elevator.

Step 7

Once in the apartment, look for the bride. You can also be charged money for guessing the room in which it is located. Sometimes the groom is asked to guess the box in which the bride's shoes are hidden. Each box is marked with its value. You will have to pay here anyway.

Step 8

When meeting with the bride, do not forget to put on her shoes, hand her the bouquet and kiss her. And rather go to the registration of marriage.

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