The Groom's Outfit At The Wedding

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The Groom's Outfit At The Wedding
The Groom's Outfit At The Wedding

Video: The Groom's Outfit At The Wedding

Video: The Groom's Outfit At The Wedding
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Often in the bustle of the wedding, endless searches for the perfect image for the bride, the newlyweds do not think about the groom's outfit. However, this issue is no less important than the choice of a wedding dress, because the groom should look beautiful in the same way. Moreover, the bride looks even more spectacular against the background of the elegantly dressed groom.

The groom's outfit at the wedding
The groom's outfit at the wedding


The groom should not outshine the bride. A man can emphasize his sophisticated taste by choosing a good suit. The classic style of a jacket and trousers, selected in accordance with the figure of the groom, is best suited.

The black suit emphasizes the sophistication and style of the groom. A slightly fitted black suit with a snow-white shirt and a fashionable dark tie will favorably demonstrate all the advantages of a man, hiding flaws. The same can be said about a gray suit, the only difference is that shades of gray look more advantageous on fitted jackets.

Be very careful when choosing a white suit, as white is considered to be quite difficult. The main criterion when choosing should be the solidity of the suit, because a white outfit often looks a little cheap, so you need to carefully select the material. A similar wedding dress requires the same snow-white accessories. Dark-skinned men can afford cream shades.

The costumes of bright, saturated colors look original, however, in this case, the bride's dress must match the image of the groom. For a youthful perky wedding, bright blue, red, green, plaid jackets in combination with classic jeans are suitable.

Grooms often opt for tuxedos or tailcoats. An elegant tuxedo suits perfectly for an evening banquet. It is traditionally black in color, but there are also blue or gray options. The tailcoat has a tapered front and long folds at the back. It is not always appropriate, so first, evaluate the suitability of the restaurant in which the celebration will take place, similar to the dress.

Shirt, shoes, accessories

The main secret is that any shirt should be in harmony with the color of the suit, be light and bright enough. An excellent choice would be white, pink, lilac shades. Poisonous flowers should be avoided.

For dark suits, black shoes are suitable, and for a light outfit, light ones. Shoes should be classic, without too much polish.

The tie should be one shade darker than the shirt. In no case should the ends of the tie come apart or be too short. A classic tie should go to the waist. If you've picked up a trendy cropped tie, tie it in a knot and attach it to the collar of your shirt. When choosing a tie, one should be guided by the colors prevailing in the bride's wedding dress.

Some men prefer a bow tie. Butterflies with fasteners are very popular today, they are comfortable and practical. They can be black, white or colored.

For the groom's boutonniere, it is necessary to choose flowers that match the bride's bouquet. It is better if the same florist will be engaged in their creation.

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