How To Make Colored Ice

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How To Make Colored Ice
How To Make Colored Ice

Video: How To Make Colored Ice

Video: How To Make Colored Ice
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Colored ice cubes are very original and unusual. You can experiment not only with color, but also with the filling, adding pieces of fruit, berries or even flowers to the water that has not yet been frozen. Bright ice cubes will harmoniously decorate drinks and cocktails.

How to make colored ice
How to make colored ice

It is necessary

  • - fruit juices;
  • - ice molds;
  • - food colorings;
  • - berries and fruits;
  • - beads and strings;
  • - gouache or watercolor paint.


Step 1

To make colored ice, you can safely use fruit juices (cherry, apple, orange). Pour the juices into the mold and put them in the freezer, after a few hours you will get extraordinary colored ice, which you can safely decorate any drink for the holiday. With this, you will slay all the guests on the spot.

Step 2

You can achieve bright and saturated colors using food colors that are sold in confectionery departments or soap stores. Before purchasing, you should clarify the safe concentration of these substances. Dilute the food coloring in water according to the instructions and pour the prepared liquid into a bag or molds, immerse in the freezer. Use a large syringe to gently fill the wells.

Step 3

As a mold for making ice, you can use a special plastic container that comes with some refrigerators. Silicone molds are expensive, but manufacturers are not limited to ordinary cubes and balls, the molds are available in the form of stars, hearts, crescents and fruits. A more economical way is to purchase special ice bags, they also have different shapes, and the low price will delight you.

Step 4

Ice with berries or pieces of fruit inside looks very impressive. Gently arrange the sliced kiwi and orange slices, cherries, currants and strawberries into the prepared tins. For originality, you can add whole mint leaves. Fill the mold with water and set to freeze.

Step 5

If you just want to entertain the child and show him something very extraordinary, offer to make multi-colored ice together (though it will turn out to be inedible). Take an ice cube tray and arrange various beads, shell beads and colored strings in the cells. Fill with pre-prepared water, tinted with ordinary gouache or watercolors. Place in the freezer. You can decorate snow sculptures on the street or a tree with such amazing ice cubes (if you first lower a string into the water).

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