How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree
How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Video: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Video: How To Decorate A Christmas Tree
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On the eve of the beloved New Year holiday, a wide variety of decorations for Christmas trees appear on the shop windows - balls, garlands, tinsel and much more. However, despite all this splendor, many still have a problem every year - how to decorate a Christmas tree without extra costs, but at the same time beautiful and original.

How to decorate a Christmas tree
How to decorate a Christmas tree

It is necessary

Christmas decorations or material for their manufacture - threads, foil, PVA glue, etc., garlands, tinsel


Step 1

Before you start decorating the Christmas tree with toys, you need to fix the garlands on it. It is better to take them white, then they will be in harmony with any decorations. Garlands can be hung in a spiral or zigzag, the main thing is that there are no empty, unlit areas on the tree. After that, you can start hanging toys.

Step 2

The first way to decorate a Christmas tree is to make your own Christmas decorations. This method is especially useful if you have children in your home. They will gladly take part in making Christmas tree decorations for the holiday. The simplest decoration that even a child can make with his own hands is a garland of balls. To do this, take some foil and cut it into squares. The larger the square, the larger the decoration will turn out. Then each piece of foil must be crumpled and rolled into a ball between the palms. Children can cope with this on their own, and you will be engaged in stringing the resulting balls on a thread. This garland can be wrapped around the entire tree. To make it even more beautiful, the balls can be colored.

Step 3

Cute Christmas tree toys can be made from threads. To do this, you will need a balloon, a ball of thread and PVA glue. First, you need to inflate the balloon to the size you want to get the decoration. Then lubricate it with any oil. Wrap a thread dipped in glue around the ball. Try to keep the thread always crossing the previous rows. And be sure to leave places not covered with threads. Then let the toy dry. When the threads are firm, pierce the balloon with a needle and remove the pieces. It is better to make such balls multi-colored.

Step 4

Very interesting decorations can be obtained from simple Christmas tree balls, if you decorate them with rhinestones, buttons, beads, beads, feathers, etc. You can use nail polish to stick them onto the balls.

Step 5

The second way to decorate the Christmas tree is to buy ready-made toys. A Christmas tree looks very interesting in a monochrome style, when all the decorations are of the same color. You can also choose jewelry in two colors, for example, gold and red, blue and silver. If you like to use decorations of different colors and types, try to hang them so that there is no accumulation of toys of the same color in one place.

Step 6

When decorating a Christmas tree, remember that there is a rule for distributing decorations on a Christmas tree: small toys decorate the upper part of the tree, the middle ones decorate the middle, and the largest balls are hung on the lower branches. Toys should also be evenly distributed, they need to be hung not only on the ends of branches, but also near the trunk.

Step 7

The final stage of decorating a Christmas tree is hanging tinsel, rain, beads and cords on it. Your originally decorated Christmas tree is ready for a merry New Year celebration.

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