How To Spend A Free Day

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How To Spend A Free Day
How To Spend A Free Day

Video: How To Spend A Free Day

Video: How To Spend A Free Day
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If a free day appears in a series of intense working days, then you want to spend it as interesting and pleasant as possible. Put aside household chores and do what you really enjoy.

How to spend a free day
How to spend a free day


Step 1

Do you want not just to relax, but to spend time with benefit? Buy tickets to a theater, a premiere, or your favorite show. Evaluate the latest cinematography, and then share your impressions with your friends. If you are an art lover, visit a painting exhibition or museum.

Step 2

Do you like an active lifestyle? Go to the skating rink, a few hours of skating on the ice will give you a boost of vivacity and good mood. If the summer is hot, go to the water. Rent a speedboat or pleasure boat. A boat trip under the bright sun: water spray and headwind, all this is a guarantee of an excellent pastime.

Step 3

Make a route and go with friends or a loved one for a walk along unfamiliar city streets. Take your camera with you and make a photo report of your walk. Stop by a café on the way to relax and have a bite to eat.

Step 4

Have a romantic dinner for your other half, cook your own meal, or go to a restaurant you've long wanted to visit. A casual conversation with your loved one over a glass of wine will brighten your day.

Step 5

Do you want peace and comfort? Make yourself some strong tea and sit on the couch under a warm blanket, taking an interesting book with you. Dedicate your free time to your favorite hobby or pets.

Step 6

Get hold of the board games and set up your mini - tournament. You can even give small prizes to the winners, and the losers to come up with funny tasks.

Step 7

Dedicate time to your family, chat with your family. Prepare a delicious dinner and watch a movie or funny cartoon together. If you have children, do creative work with them: draw, sculpt funny animals from plasticine, or build a fairy tower from a designer.

Step 8

Show some ingenuity and have an interesting and eventful day off, good luck!