How To Make Colorful Pancakes For Shrovetide

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How To Make Colorful Pancakes For Shrovetide
How To Make Colorful Pancakes For Shrovetide

Video: How To Make Colorful Pancakes For Shrovetide

Video: How To Make Colorful Pancakes For Shrovetide
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Pancakes for Maslenitsa are the main treat and the central dish of the festive table. However, for a week of festive festivities, ordinary pancakes, even prepared according to different recipes, can get bored. What to do? Try making colorful pancakes! At the same time, using useful natural dyes. How to color the pancakes?

Colored pancakes for Shrovetide
Colored pancakes for Shrovetide

In stores, there is now an abundance of various food colors that can be used to change the color of familiar dishes. They usually have no additional taste or odor. However, it is much more beneficial to use natural dyes.

To cook colored pancakes for Shrovetide 2019, you can take vegetables familiar to many or use seasonings with a rich color. At the same time, you should not worry about the taste of the dish: vegetables will not add any bright notes, pancakes can be eaten with sweet fillings. The use of seasonings can give some additional flavoring sensations, therefore such a recipe for homemade pancakes for Shrovetide is best combined with salty and hearty fillings.

A little trick: you should not add vegetable puree, for example, tomato, to the ready-made traditional pancake dough. Such an action can distort the taste of the finished dish, and the color of the pancakes itself will not be so rich and cheerful.

Green pancakes for Shrovetide 2019

In order to bake green pancakes, you need to take spinach. The leaves should be washed very well, then their legs should be broken off. Then the spinach is cut finely, finely, you can pass it through the chopper to make a paste. Then place the spinach in clean cheesecloth and squeeze all the juice well over a deep plate. Stir the green juice into the dough and then bake the pancakes.

How to make bright yellow pancakes

Turmeric can be used to add a rich yellow tone. This seasoning is good for your health, it will add a little spicy flavor to the dish.

You need to take a few tablespoons of turmeric and dilute them in half a glass of boiled, but not hot water. The consistency of the colored solution should be as uniform as possible. Gently pour the dissolved turmeric into the dough and bake.

Pancakes for Shrovetide

In this case, carrot juice is responsible for the orange (red) color. You need to take a couple of large raw carrots, wash them and peel them well. Then grate on the finest grater. Add a few tablespoons of sugar (to taste), mix everything and let it brew for half an hour. Pour the resulting carrot juice into a clean container, put the grated carrot in cheesecloth and squeeze. Pour all the ginger juice into the pancake dough, stir and bake the pancakes for Shrovetide.

Pink and red pancakes

To get the specified color, you need beets. First, you need to boil it. To get 100-150 ml of beet juice, you need either one small beet, or half a large vegetable.

The prepared beets must be grated, as is the case with carrots, on a fine grater. You can also add just a little granulated sugar if desired. Let it brew, drain the juice. Squeeze the grated beets well through cheesecloth. Mix all the juice into the dough again and start making pancakes.