How To Behave In A Sauna

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How To Behave In A Sauna
How To Behave In A Sauna

Video: How To Behave In A Sauna

Video: How To Behave In A Sauna
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Sauna is very healthy. There are several rules, subject to which you can get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the steam room. 21394480 21394480

Soberly assess your strength

It is very important to understand how good you feel. You should not go to the sauna for records, it is quite dangerous and stupid. Listen to your body, it will tell you how much more you can withstand the high temperature, be sure to monitor your well-being. Experienced sauna goers are more resistant to heat and can stay in the steam room longer than a beginner, but they do not do this out of a desire to set a record for the length of time spent in a sauna, they simply allow it to be health and experience.

You can visit saunas three to four times a week. You should not do this on an empty or, on the contrary, an overly full stomach, both can be dangerous.

How to steam properly?

Having dealt with the payment and formalities, having received a fresh set of sheets and towels (a similar service is provided in most modern saunas), first of all, take a shower, then thoroughly wipe your entire body. It is very important to wipe dry, dry skin sweats faster, and the point of a sauna is to get a good sweat. Connoisseurs of the bathing business strongly recommend keeping your feet in hot water before visiting the steam room, this will speed up sweating.

Once in the steam room, place the sheet on the selected shelf (or shelves), this will allow you to sit on it more comfortably. To enhance the effect of steam on the body, occupy the top or middle shelf as the steam concentrates at the top. Control your well-being. It is not recommended to stay in the steam room for more than fifteen minutes, but it makes sense to focus on your feelings, if you feel uncomfortable, go free. Note that if you were lying on a shelf, you need to sit for a while before going out.

Experts do not recommend pouring cold water or jumping into the pool immediately after a hot steam room. After a steam room, the body experiences a serious lack of oxygen, so it makes sense to go out into the air and breathe a little before water procedures. Then you need to take a shower and climb into the pool or go to douche.

At the end of all these procedures, the body needs a little rest. Lie on a suitable bench or lounger, close your eyes and try to relax. Take a few minutes to do this.

It is believed that to get the most out of your sauna, you need to repeat the entire cycle three times. Increasing the number of "approaches" can be stressful for your body, and decreasing it makes no sense. However, if you are uncomfortable in the steam room and find it difficult to breathe, it may make sense to curtail the bath procedures to avoid unpleasant consequences.