How To Mark An Event

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How To Mark An Event
How To Mark An Event

Video: How To Mark An Event

Video: How To Mark An Event
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If you do not want to spend a classic evening in a restaurant, celebrating an event, you need to enlist the help of other participants in the event and prepare everything yourself.

How to mark an event
How to mark an event


Step 1

Spend an “ethnic style” evening if you want to celebrate an event associated with a trip to another country, such as staying at a youth camp or making a friendship on a trip abroad. Choose traditional dishes and drinks of this region for the festive table, decorate the room with appropriate decor elements, select music.

Step 2

Design an album of memories, especially if you want to celebrate the anniversary of a romantic relationship, living together or dating. You can do it yourself or ask a scrapbooking master. Spend the evening looking at photos, immerse yourself in memories.

Step 3

Arrange a real women's party if you are celebrating an event with your friends. You can visit a beauty salon, devote yourself to shopping, sign up for a consultation with a stylist or make-up artist, or go for a SPA procedure. This way of spending time will allow you to relax, discuss all the latest events, take care of your appearance and get interesting information on personal care from professionals.

Step 4

Organize contests and quizzes related to the event you are celebrating. If you are celebrating a child's birthday, arrange a party for him and his friends, so that everyone can prove themselves, get a small prize. If you are hosting an event with friends, prepare questions on the topic of the event. In addition to intellectual competitions, small team sports competitions can be held.

Step 5

Collect classic family get-togethers with lots of salads, baked chicken, and cake. This method of celebration is good if the date does not fall on the post-New Year period, but in the summer you can gather everyone in the country and arrange fireworks.

Step 6

Arrange a surprise for those who will be taking part in the celebration. You can arrange a game like "11 notes", hide mysterious messages in different parts of the city, building or area. The main thing is that the text of the messages is associated with the reason for the celebration. In the last note, you can tell where the celebration will take place.