How To Play A Girlfriend On April 1

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How To Play A Girlfriend On April 1
How To Play A Girlfriend On April 1

Video: How To Play A Girlfriend On April 1

Video: How To Play A Girlfriend On April 1
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April 1 is the Day of laughter, smiles and funny jokes. On this day, everyone is in a hurry to fool friends and loved ones, to surprise with funny and cute pranks. If you have a large circle of friends and relatives, then you need to prepare thoroughly for April Fool's Day.

How to play a girlfriend on April 1
How to play a girlfriend on April 1


Step 1

If you and your best friend work in the same company, you can organize a giveaway right in the office. Stay at work in the evening before April 1st. When your friend goes home, start preparing. Wrap all the items on her desk with foil or weave a spider web of thread in the doorway. And on the wall, attach the inscription "Happy April 1st!"

Step 2

Prepare a prank on the street. If your friend has a car, use scotch tape to attach the checkered taxi mark to her roof. Or cover the entire windshield with emoji stickers.

Step 3

If your friend smokes, make an appointment with someone to turn on the fire alarm at the set time. Dress up a colleague in a firefighting suit and hand over a firefighting sleeve and call a friend to the smoking room. After a couple of puffs, the alarm should turn on, and a firefighter will run into the room. Adrenaline will last for a long time.

Step 4

Play your girlfriend at home. If you live with her, get up a little earlier than usual and go to the bathroom with your mayonnaise. Squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube and season with the sauce. A friend will come to brush her teeth, but she will not be able to freshen her breath.

Step 5

You can also glue her slippers to the floor. She will get out of bed, put her feet in them, get up and not be able to take a step. Asleep, she will take a long time to think about what happened to her legs.

Step 6

Make cute surprises for your friend. Call her favorite radio station and ask for a joke greeting from some old acquaintance on the air. Turn on the receiver in her room so she hears the radio call.

Step 7

Remember that all pranks are only for people with a good sense of humor. Therefore, try not to cross the thin line of good jokes and black humor. After all, so you can not have fun, but quarrel for life. Therefore, choose a prank that you yourself would not be offended by.

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