How To Choose A New Year's Gift For A Child

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How To Choose A New Year's Gift For A Child
How To Choose A New Year's Gift For A Child

Video: How To Choose A New Year's Gift For A Child

Video: How To Choose A New Year's Gift For A Child
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New Year is a bright and memorable holiday for any child. Most children look forward to the morning of the first day, because a welcome gift awaits them under the tree. What to give your baby if he has not yet decided himself or does not know how to do it yet? A short excursion into the world of gifts will help you make your choice.

How to choose a New Year'st for a child
How to choose a New Year'st for a child


Step 1

Toddlers under the age of 2 years often do not yet know who Santa Claus is. And even after they met, they do not understand what a New Year's miracle is and why wait for it like that. They simply do not care what gift appears under the tree and whether it will be a "miracle" at all. Therefore, this age range is the best when choosing gifts. The entire toy store is at your disposal. The main thing is that the toy is age-appropriate. Choose toys for kids with bright colors, large details, moderate sound and comfortable buttons. Always dry the soundtrack: choose interesting rhymes or funny songs with intelligible phrases in an understandable language. Young children will be interested in musical or educational rugs, books with the voices of animals, musical instruments, animals - "development" or toys that repeat what the child said.

Step 2

At the age of 2-4 years, the child can already be aware of his desires. Perhaps he will show what he wants in a magazine, book, TV or in a store. If the kid requires a toy immediately, and New Year is on the nose, then offer to write a letter to Santa Claus with a picture of a toy, tell us about the New Year's miracle. And how much joy it will be when the child sees his favorite toy under the New Year tree! This is the only way to believe in miracles … If your child does not know what he wants, then choose a toy, following the child's preferences. Of course, your child has a favorite cartoon, which he not only watches, but also plays episodes with his toys. Here is a great chance to present your kid with a set of his favorite characters, cars or dolls.

Step 3

Children from 4 to 6 years old want too many gifts. Before the New Year, they can read you an impressive list of desirable gifts. This is due to the large amount of information in the form of books, cartoons, advertisements, etc. Therefore, it is important at this stage to explain to the baby that Santa Claus is not omnipotent and he will not master the liberties in the form of a huge list of desires. Indeed, there are many children in the world who are also waiting for gifts. Lead the child carefully to select one or more gifts, depending on your personal desires. At this age, such gifts as sets of various constructors, sets for role-playing games in various professions, Barbie dolls for girls are suitable for a child. Also, do not sweep away the option of educational games - various children's computers with a set of learning the alphabet or mathematics.

Step 4

At the age of 6-7, they are preparing for school. Children at this age greatly imitate adults, because very soon they will have to step into this world. This age is great because children know exactly what they want to get for the holiday and have been talking about it since autumn. Offer him complex construction sets with small details, chemical or geological kits, rare children's books, puzzles or cars with a remote control.

Step 5

The beginning of school life and before the age of 12 is the period when the child begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. He seems to believe you, but classmates and friends assure him otherwise. Do not deceive your child, but do not destroy the belief in miracles. Ask him if he himself believes? If he doubts the answer, then suggest this year to "check" the miracle again by writing a letter to Grandfather. Often at this age, children ask for some expensive gift that is present in the life of adults. For example, a mobile phone or tablet. It already depends on you how "adult" gift you can afford to the child. In addition, a child can be presented with a computer game disc or an x-box game.

Step 6

12-16 years old is a difficult teenage age. Often this age is accompanied with some enmity between family members, but one way or another, the child is a child and needs to be pleased. Of course, the teenager already knows for sure that Santa Claus, who brings gifts, does not exist, and all gifts are purchased by the parents. But there is also a plus - the child understands the price of gifts and can choose what the parents can afford.

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