What New Year's Tales To Read To A Child

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What New Year's Tales To Read To A Child
What New Year's Tales To Read To A Child

Video: What New Year's Tales To Read To A Child

Video: What New Year's Tales To Read To A Child
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Fairy tales for a child are fascinating stories with magic and transformations. Parents can use a fairy tale to develop a child's knowledge, to improve his experience. Depending on what and how we read to the child, how we present this material, the formation of children's attitude to the world around them depends. The most informative for children are Russian folk tales, tk. their symbolism not only reflects people's knowledge of the world, but also corresponds to the culture of the people, the national calendar. At each season, the corresponding fairy tales were and remain relevant.

What New Year's tales to read to a child
What New Year's tales to read to a child

It is necessary

  • - Book of folk tales;
  • - illustrations for fairy tales.


Step 1

Select in the collection of fairy tales those works that contain winter and New Year symbols: snow, ice, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden. Or events that can happen in winter, especially with miracles, because many miracles happen on New Years.

Step 2

Read the fairy tale "Frost Red Nose and Frost Blue Nose" to your child. In other versions, it is also called "Two Frosts". Explain to the kid that the tale is not about the kind Santa Claus, but about how the frost tests a person in winter. If you do not protect yourself from severe frost, you can become hypothermic and even die in the cold. The tale shows that movement, active work help a person to keep warm, to protect themselves from the cold. Remind your toddler about this walking fairy tale when he starts to freeze. Run, pat your clothes with your hands.

Step 3

Tell us about the just grandfather, about whom the fairy tale "Moroz Ivanovich" is told. The main character has his own name and is perceived as a living person who can encourage or punish. Two girls are visiting him. One receives rich gifts from the owner for work and obedience, and the other receives nothing for laziness and rudeness. Using this fairy tale, explain to your child that Santa Claus brings New Year's gifts to hardworking and obedient children.

Step 4

Show the versatile functions of Santa Claus: he can not only give a gift, but he is also the owner of the winter forest, covers plants and animal burrows with snow. Decorates the windows of houses in dwellings. To do this, prepare colorful illustrations and demonstrate to the child while reading the fairy tale "Morozko".

Step 5

Introduce the kid to another character of the New Year's holiday - the Snow Maiden. She was blinded from the snow by an old man with an old woman who had no children. Therefore, her outfit always looks like snow - white or blue, and her hair is light, and her jewelry is shiny. Tell us more about the properties of warm snow melt. In the fairy tale, the Snow Maiden melted in the summer, turned into a cloud. But every winter there is an opportunity to meet this winter beauty again and again.

Step 6

Read fairy tales about the life of the forest Snow Maiden. After all, she has to save herself from the most difficult situations ("Snegurushka and Baba Yaga"), and also accept the help of animals if necessary ("Snegurushka and the fox"). Many situations in fairy tales are similar to situations in the life of children, which allows the child to identify with the character and learn from him a safe lifestyle.

Step 7

Come up with a festive ending to fairy tales in which animals or people were able to overcome the winter cold, built themselves a warm home, sewed warm clothes, etc. These are the fairy tales "Wintering Animals", "Handle". Finish the tale with the sentence: "They began to live, live, celebrate the New Year!"

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