Where To Go In Moscow For The New Year

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Where To Go In Moscow For The New Year
Where To Go In Moscow For The New Year

Video: Where To Go In Moscow For The New Year

Video: Where To Go In Moscow For The New Year
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New Year's holidays are approaching at a rapid pace. There are many places in Moscow where you can have a great time with friends on a long-awaited night. The choice depends on your wishes and financial capabilities.

Where to go in Moscow for the New Year
Where to go in Moscow for the New Year


Step 1

Celebrate New Year's Eve at a restaurant.

The easiest, and for some, the most enjoyable way to celebrate, is to go to a restaurant. You don't have to worry about the entertainment program, professionals will take care of it. When it comes to cuisine, choose a restaurant to your liking. The cost of a New Year's deposit in Moscow institutions will average about 5,000 rubles. If you do not know which place to choose for a holiday, focus on the geographic location in order to get to the house as convenient as possible. At the Sokol metro station, there is a Roxy restaurant (3500 rubles). In the vicinity of the station "Prospect Mira" is "Anfilada" (5000 rubles). Japanese, Thai and European cuisine awaits you at Delonix Cafe. In "Baku Dvorik" you can taste European, Japanese and Caucasian cuisines. The cost of visiting on New Year's Eve is 6,500 rubles.

Step 2

Celebrate the celebration at the hotel.

If you have come to the capital from afar, or simply do not want to celebrate the holiday at home, you can go to one of the hotels in Moscow. For example, in "Cosmos" you can rent a double room for 17,000 rubles. RUB 6,000 per person it is worth attending a festive event with a banquet.

Step 3

Celebrate the New Year on the streets and squares of the capital.

You may not be interested in being indoors for most of the party. If the soul asks for the Moscow streets, then why suffer? Go to Red Square and celebrate the holiday with a crowd of strangers under the chimes. You can go on New Year's Eve to one of the city skating rinks, for example, in the Gorky Park of Culture, or just walk along the central avenues of Moscow.

Step 4

Rent a house within Moscow.

You can not be limited to the capital, but climb further into the suburbs. However, even within the Moscow Ring Road, you can rent a house to celebrate the New Year in the circle of loved ones. Celebrate the holiday in Valuevo on the banks of the Likova River or in the Voronovo sanatorium. On the territory of the region there is much more choice - the rest houses "Boyarskaya Usadba", "Snegiri", the boarding house "Bor" and much more. Celebrating the New Year at recreation centers will cost you from 10,000 rubles. per person.