How To Celebrate April 1st With Friends

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How To Celebrate April 1st With Friends
How To Celebrate April 1st With Friends

Video: How To Celebrate April 1st With Friends

Video: How To Celebrate April 1st With Friends
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It is best to celebrate a merry holiday on April 1 in a warm company of friends and acquaintances, so that pranks, friendly jokes and jokes are appropriate and perceived by others adequately and joyfully.

How to celebrate April 1st with friends
How to celebrate April 1st with friends


Step 1

Pick the funniest person in your group. Assign him to be the mastermind behind this evening.

Step 2

Prepare several draws that will be implemented already at the entrance to the premises. Use noise or light effects, but remember, your goal on April 1 is not to scare, but to make your friends laugh.

Step 3

Consider a treat to lift your spirits. You can diversify your usual holiday menu with fun dishes. For example, to lay out a cucumber in the form of a crocodile, it is interesting to decorate a salad or serve liver sausage as meat delicacies, it all depends on your imagination. Do not forget about alcohol in reasonable doses, too. You can tell jokes as toasts, and end them with the words "Let's drink …". And for what exactly - depends on the moral of the story.

Step 4

Think of a funny situation you once found yourself in. Tell it when everyone is seated at the table. Surely one of your friends will pick up your baton and tell you about a funny incident from their own life. It will be great if everyone takes turns telling funny stories.

Step 5

Play forfeits, this children's game will come in handy for April 1st. Come up with funny tasks for the participants of the game, you can perform them not only indoors, but also outdoors. The main thing is that the instructions are offensive and kind.

Step 6

Pick up fun games. For example, "Writing stories." Each next sentence answers a specific question and is written on a piece of paper by a new participant. You can agree and compose a story about everyone present. Also, good entertainment for a large company will be the game "Mafia" or its varieties. Do not forget about the game "Crocodile", in which one participant must use gestures to explain to his team the word conceived by the opponents.

Step 7

Finish the evening with a good comedy with friends.