How To Spend Your Spring Break

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How To Spend Your Spring Break
How To Spend Your Spring Break

Spring break is fleeting. Not everyone has the opportunity to send their child to a camp or to a grandmother, so you need to think about what to do with the student on vacation. Well, if city cultural institutions have prepared new performances, exhibitions and concerts for children, then you just need to buy tickets and not worry about the child's leisure time.

How to spend your spring break
How to spend your spring break


Step 1

Try not to break the child's daily routine, because to go to school in just a week, it will be difficult to readjust. You can give the child an extra hour to sleep in the morning, but put it down no later than 23 hours. If every day the child will have interesting and exciting things and activities, in the morning he will get up by himself and with joy.

Step 2

Invite the schoolboy to make feeders for birds that are expecting offspring in the spring and need increased nutrition. Feeders can be easily made from cardboard boxes and bags by hanging them on ropes. If you have the opportunity to go with your child, collect everything you need in the evening and do not forget to buy a bag of bird food. In the park, you can also meet squirrels, which also will not refuse reinforcement in the form of nuts.

Step 3

As you walk, notice all the signs of spring that will be visible at every step. In sunny meadows, where the snow has completely melted, green grass has already appeared, birds build nests in the trees and chirp about their own, about the bird. Hang your feeders on the branches and pour in the grains, watch the bustle of birds. The child will surely enjoy such a walk, and there will be enough impressions from it for the whole vacation.

Step 4

Invite the children to have a tea and cake party. Have the child call friends and arrange a time. If you have the opportunity, you can leave the children with an overnight stay. Give the student easy tasks: set the table, wipe the dust, put beautifully bowls of fruit. These worries will not be a burden for the child, because he will have a joyful and fun event with friends.

Step 5

Dedicate the third day to walking around the city and visiting museums and interesting exhibitions. Save the zoo on the fourth day of your vacation - you can easily disappear there for several hours, watching funny animals.

Step 6

Go with your child to the cinema or to a children's play in the theater, unless, of course, you are all not tired of the impressions and trips. In this case, playing in the yard with peers will help out.

Step 7

If the child is interested in sports, visit the gym, watch the guys doing in different sections. Invite the student to try their hand at a sport. If possible, enroll your child in classes at a convenient time for him.

Step 8

On the last day of your vacation, you can simply relax at home and exchange experiences. Take your time to shop together for healthy breakfast and school lunch items.