How To Organize A Children's New Year

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How To Organize A Children's New Year
How To Organize A Children's New Year

Video: How To Organize A Children's New Year

Video: How To Organize A Children's New Year
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To give a child a holiday that he will remember for the whole year - what could be better on the eve of the New Year? For a kid to believe in a miracle, it is not necessary to invite professional animators or take him to Lapland. It is quite possible to arrange a fairy tale at home in the close sincere company of acquaintances and friends.

How to organize a children's New Year
How to organize a children's New Year

It is necessary

  • - spacious room;
  • - tree;
  • - New Year's toys and decorations;
  • - carnival costumes and masks;
  • - treats;
  • - gifts, prizes;
  • - holiday scenario;
  • - attributes for games, contests and creativity.


Step 1

To organize a children's New Year, you need to invite guests at a convenient time for everyone. 3-4 children of the same age are enough for the holiday, especially if the children are small. Agree with the parents on the day of the holiday and take into account the wakefulness and sleep patterns of the babies. It is best to organize the event in the morning; the optimal duration of the holiday is no more than 1-2 hours.

Step 2

Choose a location for the event. If you are going to collect the children in the apartment, then put the toys in the closets and free up space for games. You can rent a children's playground during the holiday. In clear weather, it is best to organize the children's New Year on the street, but in this case the holiday program should be rich and short so that none of the children catch a cold.

Step 3

Decorate the hall with tinsel, garlands, be sure to put up a Christmas tree and dress it up. If you intend to work together at the holiday, then leave space for crafts made by children, with which they will decorate the tree and room. Set a party table for the children with sweets, fruits and drinks.

Step 4

Think over the costumes for the presenters and participants of the holiday. Talk to the parents in advance about the role of the children at the event. Prepare costumes or masks to stage a fairy tale. Also, the script of the holiday can include the creation of New Year's makeup, which children use in the play.

Step 5

Consider a holiday scenario that includes winter-themed games and fun. Active play should alternate with relaxation, such as drinking tea or creativity. If you wish, invite Santa Claus and Snegurochka to the holiday or dress them up in your parents' costumes. Remember that the New Year is unthinkable without round dances around the tree, songs and gifts.

Step 6

Children's New Year on the street provides more opportunities for children to be active. Conduct outdoor games, competitions in throwing snowballs, make snowmen with children or arrange sled races. Make sure the children are not overtired. An active walk can end a party started indoors, and at the same time take the children home.

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