How To Dance A Girl In A Club

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How To Dance A Girl In A Club
How To Dance A Girl In A Club

Video: How To Dance A Girl In A Club

Video: How To Dance A Girl In A Club

It is considered natural that a girl moves beautifully, plastically and dances with ease. And what if this is not the case. If you have been visiting the club for a long time, and you don’t know what movements are in fashion now, use a number of useful tips. They will help you dance with ease, grace and appeal.

How to dance a girl in a club
How to dance a girl in a club

It is necessary

  • night club;
  • music;
  • self confidence.


Step 1

Despite the multitude of clubs and dance floors, the question of dance technique is gaining more and more popularity. This trend has developed due to the emergence of new directions and, accordingly, an increase in the quality of dance among the regulars of entertainment establishments. And if tectonics and a break help out young men, then higher demands are made on girls. A few simple rules and workouts (both at home and in the club) will help you dance confidently, beautifully and freely.

Step 2

Move in front of the mirror, see what you do best. Determine if you are plastic. Move only with your pelvis, do not use the rest of the body: shoulders, legs, arms. If at the same time your whole body is dancing, then you need to work on yourself. Feel each part of the body separately. Change the range of motion, low - will give you tenderness, grace, high - energy, more space. This affects not only the beauty of the dance, but also helps to navigate on the site where there are many / few people.

Watch training videos, of which there are many on the Internet in a variety of areas. They will explain which part of the body, how to move, demonstrate a variety of movements in detail.

Watch modern dance videos. Learn from them a lot of new fashionable movements, various dance techniques.

Form combinations of steps, hip rotations in your head, think about what you can do with your hands.

Dance at home to music at different paces.

Step 3

Now let's figure out how to join the atmosphere of the club dance.

Take a close look at the dancers. First, you will realize that most people dance in one manner, which is not difficult. Second, note down the moves you like. Use them in your dance. Third, highlight a dance style that is clearly disappointing. Never repeat it.

If you just come to relax, dress in comfortable clothes and shoes beforehand. If you have other goals, consider the capabilities of your outfit.

Tune in to dance, determine the rhythm of the music. Dance with the increasing activity of the dance movements so that fatigue does not overtake you immediately.

Relax. This is the most important point. Only by feeling free will the dance come out naturally. Do not limit yourself, move as you feel comfortable, gradually increase the complexity of the combination of movements.

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